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SustainabiliTEA – About Our Partner Tea Plantation


Nestled in the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka (ThotalagalaHaputale), our tea partner's beautiful plantation produces aromatic tea leaves that are grown out of seasonal rainfall, diverse soil types and a lush tropical climate.  

Picture this: The estate sits on the hills off of the highland’s s Southern edge, at an altitude of 5000-6000ft. The climate is cool, and the air is beautifully clear. The intoxicating scent of newly processed tea mingles with vibrant rose and jasmine flowers that grow around the factory. Looking down from the estate over emerald carpets of tea leaves, the hot and dusty southern plains of Sri Lanka stretch out before the plantation, and on clear days the coast shimmers in the far distance. This is where we find our rich, ethically grown and harvested Ceylon tea that is then perfectly packaged in our unique, award-winning packaging. From Sri Lanka to Canada, the Bad Dad Tea journey is full of excitement and beauty 



Our tea partner is certified with a 100% organic, A-level status, and is inspected annually by The Control Union (Netherlands) to guarantee this high-quality classification. Our partnering plantation has also received pioneering status from the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka, and further recognition from the Sri Lanka Tea Board for its dedication to organic practices. These classifications ensure that you can enjoy the original richness and taste of the Ceylon teas, in the way that Mother Nature intended 



Our Fair-Trading policy reflects our commitment to social responsibility and giving back to Sri Lankan communities. Our partner tea plantation supports the Forest Garden program, aiming to reverse deforestation's effect on the environment and society. Enjoy our tea while knowing that it is all-natural and ethically sourced!    

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