Our Story

co-founders, Natanya and Stephen, taking selfie at concert

Many years ago (back in 2003), I visited Toronto, from Sydney, Australia, for my uncle's funeral.  
As it happened, my future in-laws were also in town and I needed to find something that we could do together.
Toronto born and bred, I was not interested in tea.
On the other hand, my future in-laws were both English born, but had moved to Australia as children.  
They were (and are) both avid tea fans.  
My father-in-law prepares himself (and his wife) a cup of tea the moment he gets up in the morning, and then at least one more before his shower.  Then another one after the shower . . . 

They were (and are) interested in tea.  In a big way.  A very big way.
As soon as I met them I knew that you could take the Englishman/woman out of England, but you couldn't take the tea out of the Englishman/woman!
And my mother-in-law was also a teapot collector (something I'd never knew existed).
So . . . 
I took them to see the Kamm Collection which was showing as a special exhibit at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art.

And the teapots there were really cool!  And fun.  
One, in particular, made me smile - it was covered in tea "puns" like specialTEA. novelTEA. creativiTEA.

Shortly thereafter, I proposed to my wife and married into this tea swilling family, steeped in English traditions.

I then spent many years in corporate life, but always had that teapot at the back of my mind.
specialTEA. novelTEA. creativiTEA.  
It was funny.  
It was punny.  
It made me smile.
Until finally . . . opportuniTEA.
We moved back to Toronto and launched Bad Dad Tea . . . a brand dedicated to bringing people happiness by provoking an extra smile (or two or three) in their day, before consuming their cup of tea.

And why puns:
As a child I was always amazed (and amused) by members of my extended family who would sit at the table and participate actively in the conversation - while at the same time thinking up amazing puns!

You could see the wheels spinning in their brains while they processed the conversation and then . . .

Wham! Out would come some of the most outrageous puns I had ever heard. Not always appropriate for little Stephen's age group, but perfect for his blooming curiosity.

And why Bad Dad:
Dads have always been known for telling Dad Jokes.
And Dad Jokes have always been known to be bad.
It's part of the contract we sign when sperm meets egg. And then it is re-affirmed throughout life.

The pun epitomises the Bad Dad Joke.

Just ask my 14 year old daughter who helped me name the company -

She grimaces at my puns.
She groans at my puns.

And then she grins . . .

And if I'm lucky, she smiles or laughs!

But she's 14 - at least she talks to me!