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The Bad Dad Story 

Dads are known for their "bad dad jokes," full of puns and amusing innuendo. When Toronto-born Stephen met his wife's parents back in 2003, he had to find a way to combine his unique sense of humour with their family heritage, which was steeped (pun intended!) in the English tradition of drinking tea. His father-in-law would prepare a cup of tea for himself and his wife first thing in the morning, and then he would brew another cup and another one after that! Surely there was something special about the tea community.  

One day, Stephen took his mother-in-law, a tea-lover and rare teapot collector, to an art exhibit, where he saw a teapot covered in puns. 




It was perfect! Stephen, his wife Natanya and their daughter saw an opportuniTEA. They created a small Canadian business where Bad Dads (and moms!) could connect with a communiTEA of fun, unique tea-lovers while embracing sustainabiliTEA, bold flavours, and the traditions of tea making that their family loved so much.  

Dads just want to make you laugh, so “bad dad jokes” are here to stay. They make people grimace and groan at first, but then comes a grin, and before you know it – a smile! That’s what Bad Dad Tea is all about, doing what we can to make you feel good. We want our wide selection of gifts and tea boxes to bring health, joy and positiviTEA to your day! 

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