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AuthenticiTEA – About Our Teas

French looking male artist with a palette in hand, speech bubble with the words "a unique selection of 500+ witty and original cartoons decorate our tea bags". 2 cartoon teacups smiling and making the joke "knock, knock; who's there?"

Bad Dad Tea is proud to be a 100% authentic Ceylon tea distributor and only chooses the best, organic fair-trade products from Sri Lanka's beautiful Uva province.  

Our teas are 

  • Naturally low in caffeine. Enjoy pure, delicious English Breakfast or Earl Grey teas any time of day or night!  
  • Adaptable. Smooth, robust flavours work well on their own, or incorporated into creative tea concoctions! 
  • Good for you. Ceylon tea is known to be very beneficial for overall heart health and balancing blood sugar levels.  
  • Ethically grown and harvested. SustainabiliTEA at its finest. 
  • Packaged with love, joy and a delightful tea pun to brighten your day!

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