What's different about Bad Dad Tea?

French looking male artist with a palette in hand, speech bubble with the words "a unique selection of 500+ witty and original cartoons decorate our tea bags". 2 cartoon teacups smiling and making the joke "knock, knock; who's there?"

Our differentiation is in the "feel good" you get from the opening of the package to the quality and sustainability of the tea.

Bad Dad Tea was conceived with one concept in mind:  "It's all good!"
We don't sell tea . . . we sell smiles. 

Our tea is ethically sourced and sustainably produced by a certified fair trade plantation. 

We take our commitment to taste very seriously and believe that drinking tea has a strong social impact. 

At Bad Dad Tea we want you to smile (maybe chuckle or even laugh) from the jokes / puns on the packet (witty and unique cartoons on each sachet) and to relax with the superior taste of pure organic Ceylon tea.

We believe that our tea, which is naturally low in caffeine, is a sustainable and healthy product, which gives the added bonus of smiling to contribute to creating a positive day!

We are confident that our tea is the "perfect icebreaker" (pardon the irony) - sure to start up a conversation while you feel good about the source and every stage of the production of the tea.